Halers H2 550 Pro Bezels Only

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Halers H2 Pro 550 Bezels Only – BEZELBS

Finish – Matt White, Silver, Polished Chrome, Brushed Steel (Round Only), Polished Gold and Matt Black.

Bezel Diameter – 90mm
Cut-out Diameter – 60-80mm
Installation depth needed for fitting – 80mm

The fitting has a life expectancy of 70,000 hours and is IP65 rated.

Because the bezels come separately, the H2 Pro 550 is a supremely flexible LED light fitting. Choose from a range of round and square bezels in a selection of popular colours, including matt white and matt black options that can be overpainted with a wide range of ceiling paints.

Our twist and lock bezels are lower in profile for simple fitting before and after installation. Applying the bezel afterwards allows for the finishing touches to be made to the ceiling without masking out the light for a more professional finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Twist & lock system makes interchanging bezels quick, clean and easy
  • Can be applied after decoration is complete
  • Matt White and Black/Primed bezel can be painted with a wide range of paints designed for domestic ceiling use
  • Converter plate: DL Convert and DL Convert70 for ceiling holes up to 150mm diameter (round only)

Product codes: RB359CR, SQB360CR, RB359PG, RB359SIL, RB359BS, RB359MW, SQB360PG, SQB360SIL, SQB360MW, RB359BLK, SQB360BLK

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